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Shenzhen JETFGO Circuits Co.,Ltd

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Building A18, Xinhe Xinxing Industrial Park, Fuyong Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen

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Zhenghui Feng

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Information Disclosure Method:
     1.Factory bulletin board
     2. Newspaper and Media
     3. Voluntary information column

Voluntary information platform

Environmental emergency plan
                  Whether or not filing


Information Disclosure Number

Shenzhen Environment approval No:[2009]100899

Filing time for emergency plan


The company’s Environmental protection policy, goals and effectiveness

Environmental protection policy: Strict compliance the laws and regulations,
     pollution prevention, energy saving.

Environmental protection investment and environmental technology development

Entrust a qualified environmental protection company to invest in a set of waste water treatment facilities (6 sets of waste gas treatment facilities)

Type, quantity, concentration and destination of emission sources

Sewage license executive class 1: Standard of GB21900-2008 list 2,  Standard of sewage plant class 2:GB21900-2008 List 2(Total Cu), emission  include 7 factors:COD、PH、NH3-N,Cu,Cyanide,P and Ni; For COD, allowable emission concentration is 200mg/L,annual allowable emissions is 20.44 ton;
                  For NH43-N, allowable emission concentration is 15mg/L, annual allowable emissions is 1.53 ton;
     For Cu, allowable emission concentration is 0.5mg/L, annual allowable emissions is 0.0511 ton;
     For P, allowable emission concentration is 3mg/L, annual allowable emissions is 0.3066 ton;
     For Cyanide, allowable emission concentration is 1mg/L, annual allowable emissions is 0.1022 ton;
     For Ni, allowable emission concentration is 0.5mg/L, annual allowable emissions is 0.0511 ton;
     After the above pollutants have been treated,Final discharge to Fuyong Waste water Treatment Station

Construction and operation of environmental protection facilities

1,The sewage treatment station was put into use in 2004, Mainly treated as printed circuit board process waste water,treatment process is chemical precipitation process, daily processing capacity is 400 tons , about 250 tons of external emissions per day.
                  2.Exhaust gas treatment system was put into use in 2004,pollution categories are acid waste gas, alkaline waste gas, organic waste gas, cyanide waste gas, treatment process is chemical photolysis, daily processing capacity is 400 tons, acid-base chemical processing:the daily processing volume is 120,000 cubic meters.

Disposal, recycling and comprehensive utilization of waste

The hazardous wastes generated this year mainly include copper sludge, ammonia etching waste liquid, tin recycling waste water, electroless nickel plating water, etc, the annual production is expected to be 100 tons of copper-containing sludge, 100 tons of ammonia-etched waste liquid, 15 tons of tin-removing waste liquid, and 15 tons of electroless nickel plating. There are 87 tons of copper sludge, 72.6 tons of ammonia etching waste liquid, 11.3 tons of tin waste liquid, and 11.7 tons of electroless nickel plating which all have been entrusted to Shenzhen Qualified Environment Protection Technology company to handle it and signed a procession agreement.



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