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1, Check material and ink 

Is there a supplier shipment report? The report of checking the incoming, Is there a supplier shipment report Is there any temperature and humidity control of ink 

2, Exposure Area

To control the temperature and humidity, workers and other people need wear electrostatic clothing, keep tidy, keep record the production control.

3, Developing and Etching

To control developer soup, etching solution and chemical.

Whether the concentration specific gravity, adding records, parameters and control time are under controlled?

4, AOI inner circuit inspection

Personnel certification, first record, to distinguish good and bad products

5, Lamination

Is there a pressing fool-proofing design

6, Drilling

Scrap control and grinding record, to check the broken needle and the procedure of handle way, first checking record, is there a hole deviation phenomenon?

7, Plating

To mix the plating solution, time, current intensity, control way,test report

8, Laminating

Storage conditions, FIFO and durability date, control way, to rebuild the management and control

9, Plug/coating/text

Screen/fixture alignment, to control ink viscosity specific gravity, screen management, the action of workers pick and place boards.


The temperature, the pressure, the time of immersion tin, whether there is X-Ray measurement of tin thickness, to control film thickness, rework process

11, Profiling

First record; Checking the V-cut; Setting parameters, depth, spacing and dimensions.

12, E-test/QC

Test board differentiation/identification, personnel certification, repair action, detection action.

13, Packaging

Vacuum packaging PCBs refer to part number, quantity and customers requirements.

14, Outsourcing quality control

a The capability of outsourcing quality control.

B To record the outsourcing project

C The key acceptance project 

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